7 Top Running Sunglasses

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The best running sunglasses aren't just an accessory, they protect your eyes from sun, snow glare and debris.

Top performing sunglasses also stay in place, look great and are affordable. Durability is also very important and so is minimal fogging and slipping.

The top 7 performers include...

Tifosi Women’s Slip Shield Sunglasses

Tifosis wommens running sunglasses with their interchangeable lenses and are great for small to medium sized faces. They’re lightweight with a snug fit.

You'll experience minimal slipping due to the bendable ear pieces. The hard case also helps keep your investment safe! And, while these are vented on top, some users do find the lenses fog.

JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses

The JiMartis are lightweight, fashionable, and inexpensive. They’re durable and flexible. These work well for large faces and may not be great for smaller ones.

The angled earpieces hug your face while the nose bridge holds them snugly in place. They offer very good sun protection.

Nike Pursue Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses provide clarity and durability. Both men and women can enjoy them. These offer long-wearing comfort with a rugged light frame. The silicone nosepads give you that no-slip comfort and the flying lens design minimizes fogging. These lenses are distortion-free and provide 100% UV protection.

HiltonBay A77 Sunglasses Wrap Style

Enjoy a great fit and crisp views with Hilton Bay sunglasses. They’re affordable, light weight and wrap comfortably around your face. Wearers of Hilton Bay sunglasses enjoy their durability, light frames, snug fit and minimal fogging.

Tifosi Gavia SL Dual Lens Sunglasses

These Tifosis don’t slide down your nose even when sweaty! They're sporty looking, light weight and they don’t bounce on your face. They do fog up enough to block a small field of vision, but after wiping them they don’t continuously fog back up. They're reasonably priced and come with a glass case and storage bag.

XS Sport Wrap TR90 Sunglasses UV400

These running sunglasses are light enough you hardly know you’re wearing them! The flexible plastic frame with rubber pads at the temple tip and nose bridge keep things in place.

They fit well for those with a larger head. There’s reportedly no painful pinch at the temple and you can enjoy the crisp vision they provide.

They fit securely on your face without moving yet still feel loose. The lenses allow for plenty of airflow to your eyes but not enough to dry them out. They may fog when worn too close to your face. For privacy, you’ll find that others can't see your eyes with this model.

JiMarti RV17 Sunglasses for Golf, Cycling, Running

The JiMarti RV17 offers great value for your money. It's affordable, durable, comfortable and sporty. These sunglasses are light weight making them enjoyable to wear throughout the day without any nose or ear pinching from tightness.

Whichever brand of these top running sunglasses you choose, they each offer you quality at affordable prices. Which one you choose comes down to your personal choice and budget.

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