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Nude jogging is becoming popular. Yes, you read it correctly! Individuals are stripping off their clothes to run in the buff.

Curious? Click here for silly nude jogging videos...

Many people roll their eyes and make crude jokes, but there is more to this activity than meets the eyes (in more ways than one!).

Imagine your body's complete freedom from clothing restrictions.

You'll feel exhilarated!

A rush, even, of adrenalin. This rush you feel happens when you challenge the norms of society. Take a little "run on the wilder side" of life. LOL!

Below is a video of Steve Guttenberg enjoying this indulgence...with the paparazzi right behind him.

November 2, 2008 - See Steve Guttenberg jogging nude through Central Park preparing for upcoming marathon in New York.

Safety First

The shock factor is always a major consideration. When you begin jogging naked make sure your surroundings allow privacy and coverage from voyeuristic viewers. Unless you want viewers, of course!

Nudist resorts welcome nude joggers. Consider confining this activity to this setting. It's safe. Or make certain you're in a similar protective environment.

Others might have the same idea and go for a jog with you! You may agree this activity is very much like "skinny dipping". There's just no pool of water for cover below your neck!

Being unclothed is a much cherished experience. People feel carefree and happy. This activity allows them to relish the world unhampered.

Less Expense

Fewer costs are involved when you wear less. Most joggers do agree proper shoes and socks are important.

Of course, too, you're exposing your body to the sun. Too much of anything could be a bad decision. You do need to observe proper precautions to protect your skin.

Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

Use lots of sunscreen. The more skin you expose the more sunscreen protection is needed.

Unclothed jogging enthusiasts get bitten by flying insects. You expose your body to mosquitoes, bees and biting gnats. Be generous with insect repellent.

Support for Wobbly Parts

Nude jogging causes breasts and male genitalia to move unrestrained.

Not good.

These parts need support. Otherwise they may swing, bounce and sway. While funny to think about, it will lead to both annoying and painful results.

Try this activity if you're uninhibited and adventurous. Just remember you may be alone on your view of this type exhibitionist exercise. Your personal safety should be kept in mind. Do be careful and certainly don't put yourself in a compromising situation or break any laws.

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