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Getting headphones for jogging is an investment of both your time and money. You want something that'll last, perform well and withstand copious sweat!

You also want something good for your wallet and your ears.

Listening to music while jogging is truly a great motivator. This is especially true when covering considerable distances. Jogging headphones need to be comfortable, durable and stay in or on your ears.

It can be quite annoying adjusting your headphones every few minutes because they're falling out of your ears.

So consider the...

5 Best Headphones

  1. Sennheiser PMX80

    Price: $40 -$70

    These beauties not only slip over your head, but your ears too. They won't get tossed around while you're jogging outside or on your treadmill.

    They're lightweight and comfortable. You'll hardly notice them on your head! These headphones are sweat and water resistant.

    No worries about ruining them for a major sweat induced workout.

  2. Sennheiser CX300-B In-Ear Stereo Headphone

    Price: $5 - $10

    Pleasantly soft ear buds, these fit nicely into your ears. They're comfortable and easily string up to your ears for your favorite music. You'll be worry free of them slipping out.

    They withstand heavy use and have a long life.

  3. JVCHAFX33A Marshmallow-In-Ear Stereo-Headphones

    Price: $12 - $20

    Large, cushioned marshmallow ear buds these guys remain in place. They provide comfort and clarity. They're tangle resistant.

    Best of all, the foam design keeps these ear buds in place. They also prevent excessive sweat from getting into them.

  4. Sony MDR J10 H.ear over-the-ear Headphone

    Price: $15 - $20

    With clips to hold them in place, don't worry about these headphones slipping off. Their no slip, stable design make them a great solution for your jog. They're also sweat resistant and long lasting.

  5. Bose In-Ear Headphones

    Price: $50 - $100

    Placed directly into your ears, this design allows you to enjoy the highest quality on the go. They're comfortable and light weight. But for some they may fall out. They're not for everyone. They're compact and do provide a great solution for excellent sound, however.


These headphones for jogging deliver quality and comfort. But which one delivers the best results? Was it the Bose with the high quality sound or was it the inexpensive UXsight?

The most popular jogging headphones among joggers and runners is the Sennheiser PMX8. They deliver comfort and stability. Its tolerance against sweat and its reasonable price make it a popular choice.

So the next time you're out jogging look fashionable while keeping quality in mind. Check out any of these 5 headphones for jogging and know you're getting quality products that deliver superior results.

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