Disadvantages of Jogging

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Consider the disadvantages of jogging when thinking about a fitness routine.

As much as I enjoy jogging, the reality is this isn't the right exercise for everyone. You may have health issues preventing you from jogging.

Before beginning a jogging routine, check out the following:


Like most exercises, jogging requires a commitment to get any lasting benefits. If you start this activity and lose your motivation you won't achieve goals you've set for yourself.

That can be disappointing and disheartening.

It's true you need to like and enjoy the exercise you do so you'll keep at it. Otherwise you'll become discouraged, quit and feel as though you've failed because you didn't give it your best effort.

Commit to an exercise you enjoy.


Unfortunately you're likely to experience more injuries with certain activities over others. Jogging is a high impact activity. If you're a woman, it's not only necessary to have good support for your upper body, but you also need great foot and chest support.

Quality jogging shoes provide your foot strike with optimal support. Choose your running shoes carefully so you get the correct support whether you over pronate or supinate.

Jogging with worn out shoes or improperly fitted ones isn't a good idea. It leads to runner's knee, stress fractures, blisters and shin splints.


Motivation is key get you out the door for your jog. Scraping together your motivation is the biggest challenge of any fitness program and one of the leading disadvantages of jogging.

It might help to join a local jogging club so you'll be with like minded people who enjoy the same sport. Involve a friend, brother, sister, daughter or son so you can push one another. Find the motivation.

Find motivation to keep at your jogging routine and enjoy success with it.

Jogging is one of several exercise options available to you. Without a doubt, exercise requires commitment, motivation and desire. Think about what works best for you and your situation. This way you'll be happy with the results.

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