Best Jogging Shoes - What to Look for in a Shoe?

So you've taken up jogging. Great! You need the best jogging shoes for your success. This is your single most important purchase.

Running or jogging shoes make or break your fitness program.

Your running shoes must deliver the support you need.

What's In A Good Pair of Shoes?

A good pair of jogging shoes cushion your feet appropriately.

Your feet are then positioned for maximum placement.

This reduces and prevents injuries.

The right pair of shoes are exceptionally important.

Buying the best jogging shoes can be overwhelming. You've got thousands of models to choose from. And, the advice on which shoe is the best can be confusing.

Here are a few facts...

Running shoes don't have to be expensive. Many good models can be purchased for around $100.

Types of Running/Jogging Shoes

Jogging shoes are divided into four main categories:

  • Trail running
  • Street running
  • Cross country (These have spikes or cleats.)
  • Triathlon running and endurance running shoes

Are you starting out?

Look at trail running shoes if trails are your thing. Consider street jogging shoes if you'll be on sidewalks and/or streets.

Street jogging shoes are the most commonly purchased.

Know Your Arch

There are three basic foot types: low arch (pronating), normal arch and high arch (supinating).

People with low or normal arches run on the inside of their feet. This is known as pronating or overpronating. Stability or motion control shoes are the right choice for this foot type.

If you have a high arch then you jog on the outside of your foot. This is called under pronating or supinating. The outside of your shoes will show more wear. Cushioning shoes are ideal for this foot type.

There are a number of shoe manufacturers including:

  • Asics
  • Adidas
  • Nike

When you find the brand/model you're most comfortable with, stick with it.

Once you find the best jogging shoes that work for you, you're not likely to buy others.

If you're a woman, don't stay with womens shoes if they don't work.

I have long feet and need lots of room in the toe box.

Without sufficient room my toes bruise. I'm happy to wear mens jogging shoes for this reason. They work for me!

Wear what works for your feet.

Most manufacturers create several entry level models. If you’re unsure about your choice give 'em a try in the store. Find out before leaving if they're right for you.

Try Them Out

Before you spend money on the best jogging shoes for you, try several types. Check out styles designed for your foot type.

Try them on later in the day when your feet are a bit puffier. Wear the socks you’ll wear jogging. Lace 'em up and give a little jog around the store. Pay attention to rubbing or slipping.

Many shoe stores let you return them if they’ve been worn a little bit on a treadmill. Consider breaking in your new shoes with some indoor jogging before you hit the streets.

Finally, prior to buying the best jogging shoes, read shoe reviews. Asics Gel, Adidas and Brooks receive good reviews every year from the major running magazines.

Be sure to try a few well reviewed shoes (assuming they’re designed for your foot type).

I personally enjoy New Balance, but find what's best for you.

It’s worth the effort to locate the best jogging shoes for your feet!

Support your foot strike properly.

You'll enjoy jogging more and your feet, joints and muscles will thank you for it.

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