Benefits of Jogging

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What are the benefits of jogging? There are many. And, they're tremendous.

Jogging helps lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. You'll also strengthen your muscles. Jogging can make a difference in your health.

Weight Control

Clearly, one of the biggest benefits of jogging is weight loss. Jogging helps our bodies consume oxygen. The volume of oxygen consumed (or extracted from the muscles) is important.

Muscles, like engines, burn fuel only they burn carbohydrates and fat.

Once oxygen is inside the muscle it burns fat and carbohydrates to keep your muscles going.

There's a domino effect: the more efficient our muscles become at consuming oxygen -- the fat and carbohydrates we burn -- the more fit we become and the longer we can exercise.

You'll have more endurance!

Your muscles won't run out of oxygen as quickly. This is a great benefit of jogging because weight loss builds our confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Stronger Muscles

Jogging strengthens your muscles. It's a weight bearing activity. So your muscles burn more calories. More muscle mass means more calories burned even when you're not jogging.

Studies estimate you'll burn 35-50 calories per day for each pound of muscle added to your body. An extra five pounds of muscle burns between 175-250 calories a day! Whoohoo! You'll burn an extra pound of fat every two weeks to twenty days.

It pays to build muscle! Excellent benefit...

Stronger Bones

Regular moderate jogging helps keep your bones strong. Resistance strength training will also keep muscles, bones and your joints in good condition.

Better Skin

Jogging boosts circulation and delivers nutrients to your skin. This detoxifies the body by removing poisons from it. As oxygen is delivered to the skin, collagen increases. This connective tissue plumps skin.

No you won't need botox, just regular jogging will do the trick! A great benefit of jogging is improved complexion.

Less Stress

A terrific benefit of jogging is reduced stress hormones in the body. This slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. With less stress hormones coursing through your body, you'll relax more and cope better with life's daily stresses.

Improved Mood

Regular jogging helps beat the blues. Endorphins are hormones released by the brain and are associated with happy, positive feelings. During jogging, plasma levels of this substance increase. The benefits of regular jogging mean you're less likely to experience depression.

Fewer Colds

Jump start your immune system. Jogging provides you with more energy and reduces colds and other viruses.

Stronger Heart

One of the leading benefits of jogging is a stronger heart.

This way your heart pumps more blood with each beat.

Conditioned hearts are bigger (the heart's a muscle too and gets bigger when you exercise it), and they pump efficiently enough to allow for greater filling time.

The more blood filling the chambers means the more blood gets pumped with each beat.

Increased Heart Stroke Volume

More heart strokes means your heart doesn't have to pump as fast. It'll keep up with the demands of exercise. Fewer beats and greater stroke equal greater efficiency.

Elite runners have efficient hearts. They often have resting heart rates of 40 beats per minute. The average person's rest rate is between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

Mitochondria Anyone?

These guys are your cells powerhouses. They do the heavy work. They keep you moving increase in number and activity by 50%. This happens over a matter of days or weeks in response to regular aerobic activity. This is both an effective and wonderful benefit of jogging.

These guys are the ones burning the fat and carbohydrates that make us go.

Burn The Fat

Benefits of jogging mean your muscles burn both fat and carbohydrates. This makes you thinner. Fat contains nine calories per gram while carbohydrates contain only four. You'll get more energy and go further burning fat. This is terrific since it feels good to lose weight.

You'll need more oxygen to burn fat. It's denser but the benefits of jogging regularly get your heart pumping more blood, your muscles consuming more oxygen and that ever building mitochondria making you an efficient fat-burner!

So you can see there are a lot of reasons to begin jogging. Your body and your health will thank you for it!

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